Working Toward On-reserve Mortgages

Working Toward On-reserve Mortgages

Home ownership is a right enjoyed by most Canadians — to create stability in a home suited to their needs, to invest in their future, and to build equity that supports and enhances other financial goals. This is a right that Opaskwayak members should be free to enjoy as well.

“We believe it is our right and our responsibility to remove systemic barriers and provide opportunities for our community members and others who want to invest in our community with the opportunity to acquire a mortgage to allow for home ownership. We’re working with a progressive banking partner to achieve this,” says Chief Sidney Ballantyne. “Clean, safe and functional housing is the cornerstone of health, safety, family life and community connection – it is the basis for Mino Pimatisiwin.”

“Clean, safe and functional housing is the cornerstone of health, safety, family life and community connection – it is the basis for Mino Pimatisiwin,” says Chief Ballatyne.

Housing and home ownership is also fundamental to the future vision of Opaskwayak as detailed in the Community Master Plan, including the development of neighborhoods with new, high-quality single and multi-family accessible housing options, along with the opening and expansion of cottage lots along our beautiful lakefronts.

“In all our housing initiatives, we’re committed to hiring local, expanding the capacity in and around Opaskwayak, and to protecting our lands” adds Councillor John Paul Martin, Lands and Natural Resources Chairperson. “We are committed to plan, build and manage our community with full respect for our lands and the environment.”

This story was first published in the Fall 2022 Report to the Community.